Sunday, October 7, 2012

Preliminary Witch Kitchen Setup

Wanted to move forward with getting the basics of the living room in place, so I cleared off the white table in the living room and started pulling together some of the big pieces for the witch kitchen. These will all have to be moved again as I'll put something down on the table first. Found the old curio cabinet--but screwed off the legs so I could stack it without fearing it would topple over. Borrowing Sam's plush owl, and sitting him atop a --yes, that's right, it's a free standing toilet paper holder. Makes a decent owl perch. Also included the firefly jar from ThinkGeek. I'd like to borrow the butterfly jar from Mom and have a semi-animated kitchen this year.

Next to find is something to function as a holder for the spell book. May have to get creative with this. Also leaving room for the cauldron, which I would like to do with the polymers again if I can find some ice cube lights that work. I suppose I could also just crack some glow sticks and have the same effect...hmmm...

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