Monday, October 22, 2012

Paper Carving

I've been getting itchy fingers in anticipation of carving this week, so I started a project in an attempt to give them an outlet. I printed out some patterns (most from Zombiepumpkins) I won't be doing this year, but that I've wanted to try, and stapled them onto a black piece of construction paper. I took an exacto knife and cut through the pattern and construction paper onto a piece of cardboard--important not to cut up my desk! These have been very useful in feeling out a pattern before committing a pumpkin to it.

Afterwards, I glued a piece of colored paper underneath for it to show up and put it up on the door--mostly because it was devoid of any other decorations.

Anyway, may have gotten a wee bit carried away, and kind of...kept...going...It's a good thing I'm going pumpkin shopping tomorrow--my finger is now kind of numb from pressing down the exacto knife:(

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