Sunday, October 7, 2012

DIY Crystal Ball

This was a really simple one, but it turned out looking very cool.

So this involved
  • A funky old stand I found at the thrift store
  • A frosted/white bulb cover (it would have been cooler with no divets, but I could only find one with a pattern at the thrift store)
  • A Halloween rainow light (with ac adaptor)
  • Some white duct tape. 

First I turned over the frosted bulb cover and taped down the rainbow light so that it was shining inside the cover. I made sure not to cover the button or the ac adapter hole. Then I turned the whole thing over and fit it into the stand. I wove the ac adapter up through the stand and plugged it in, and voila--instant crystal ball with rotating colors. I also fit this on a timer and hooked it up to the rest of my lights.

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