Monday, October 8, 2012

Creepsy Flowers

Not sure how many of these I'll ultimately end up completing, but they're definitely fun to do.

  • Boquet of fake flowers, preferably gerbers, preferably at least two layers of petals
  • Plastic eyeballs (dollar store's finest)
  • Hot glue
  • Pencil
First I pulled off all the flowers and laid them out. These were some old and dusty ones that had spent much of their life buried in a garage, so they needed some dusting off.  Fired up the glue gun, and started by doing a large dollop of glue onto the center of the gerber, then firmly placing the eyeball in the center. I did this with all of them and let them stand to firm up a bit.  Now, I could have left them at this stage--they looked appropriately creepy. But because there were two layers of petals, I continued and did a line of glue around the middle of the eyeball, and taking a pencil, rolled up the petals. The first layer stuck, and the second layer fell back. After they had all cooled, I placed the flower heads back onto the stems.

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