Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Cemetery Fence

Spent today pruning back some bushes in prep for winter, then working on one of the last major projects; the cemetery fence. The rusty fence was obtained from railing that was being discarded and I've been cutting up pvc pipe for the last week or so and making a 'T' frame with it so that I can get the fence pieces to be freestanding. I've got four pieces of varying height and length, which will make for a bit of a wonky fence, but the first step is to see if I could get them all to stand up. They're heavy, so I made these little 'feet' and duct taped them quite a bit. Here are the results. I shoved some pipe insulation around the bottom of the fence to provide a little more stability, but it was mostly the duct tape that was key here. I'm waiting to spray paint them for now, partly because I want to see if they'll stand for a length of time--I don't want to have to figure out a different method with spray painted pipe.


Oye. May have to come up with something more substantial to prop these up. I went out a couple hours later and they were seriously leaning over. As cool as the fence is, I'm beginning to think it would be easier in the long run to opt for the PVC pipe route and just construct a fence out of that.

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