Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Cemetery Assembly

Finally got up the bulk of the cemetery on the front lawn today. I had previously gotten some wooden letters and spray painted them with a stone/texture paint.  This was after I had an argument with the top on the spray paint can. I won...eventually...after a hammer was brought in for mediation. I also spray painted one of the cheap dollar store skulls--not sure if I'll use it though.

The main difficulty with the fence has been the weight of the metal, so in an attempt to counteract that, I place them so that they're partially leaning on each other, and duct taped together a bit. I ended up only using three of the pieces. The fourth piece was taller than the others and was entirely too heavy to stand up, and kept bringing down the other sides. I eventually ditched it, and just made a somewhat smaller fence. To attach the letters, I strung some string back and forth between the spokes of the archway and put them up with duct tape.

Unfortunately, a wind storm started up just at the point that I had finished putting everything up. So I'll need to go back and make things a little more secure. I'd also like to add on some finishing touches--maybe some creepy cloth, the grave digger prop guy with the zombie mask. I'm still tempted to make the reaper, but I don't think it's in the cards this year.

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