Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Audrey II Parts

Besides trying to corral all of my Halloween parts into a more organized layout, a side project was devoted to spray painting some projects. First up were some parts for Audrey II. I'm eager to finish off this project and move fully onto the cemetery fence project. I first took some of the expandable foam (I'm gaining more appreciation for this stuff) and made some plant stamin-looking pieces. I first laid down a skewer so that I had the option of posing them at an angle.

I also made a large half circle that I'm hoping will work to attach to the back of the 'throat' and provide something to stick the stamens into--that's the idea in theory anyway.

Spray painted the throat piece with a mix of brown and red, going for a darker hue, but trying to get it to blend in. May have to get creative with how to attach that to the lower jaw...but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it...like a few hours

The stamen pieces were partly just to get some 3d-ness and something besides the tongue going on in the mouth. I painted one half purple, the other side yellow. Not sure how these will look when in the mouth...

The tongue I'm still on the fence about. Initially it was a solid red color, then did a layer of purple in the back, with just a bit of yellow. I kept pushing it back with a bit of red so it didn't overwhelm the mouth, but I'm not sure I succeeded. I think I just have to see it all together.

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