Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Johnny came home headless...

Yay! One project can be (well, mostly) ticked off the list. Finally sat down and abused my printer and forced it to print out several pages of the headless photographs. Because I didn't want to spend toooo much time/effort/money on this project, I opted to not attempt to find glass, or laminate the photographs--though that would have looked cooler--I suppose if I end up liking them, I'll laminate the photographs so that they'll keep. Rather, I just fit them into the frame, and taped them taut to the backs of them. A couple of them are lacking a hook to hang them up with, but I have much supplies of picture frame hanging in my tool box--and barring that, lots of the sticky tape that can go up on the wall. The actual installation of them has to wait a bit, but for the most part--all done and ready! Huzzah!

I loooove the decal/wall sticker I found at the dollar store. What was once a fairly sappy sentiment is now much more appropriate and I feel confident in placing it on my wall. Family: A Gift That Lasts Forever

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