Monday, September 10, 2012

I've got my eye on you...

Found the pattern for this a few days ago and decided to attempt it. Pattern here--thanks to crochetninja! Once I realized from reading the comments that 'dc' actually meant 'sc' when translated to American crochet--thank you kuhlmom48! (and ripped out several rounds) it was relatively easy. I'm now on my second one after realizing that I can think of several uses for having many many more of these. Plus...they're relatively quick once you get a feel for the pattern.

A note on these--there was no real absolute number of blood vessels to add, so I ended up adding one every 4-5 sc in the blood vessel round, trying to vary the distance between them so as to avoid looking too uniform, with 10-11 in total. Also, maybe I was reading the pattern incorrectly, but I ended up having to add in several more layers to completely finish the eyeball.

The first real difficult section is adding on the blood vessels into the rounds.

Gets a little more difficult slip stitching them so that they lay flat onto the eyeball. This is the interior of the eyeball after slipstitching the blood vessels for several rounds.

The pattern also says to stuff the eyeball after round 13, but I usually ended up stuffing it after 14 or 15--but that's more of a personal choice.

Partially stuffed eyeball from the outside.

Stitching the blood vessels together. I found that the easiest way for me was to run a length of the same red yarn through all of the vessels, then tie them in a circle with a knot. Then I worked in a spiral towards the tips for an inch or two, adding in vessels as I went.

And this is the final product: 


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