Saturday, September 1, 2012

First Halloween Shopping of the season

Sing it with me now: "It's the mooooost...WONDERFUL time....of the year!!" Ah, and gloriously, the dollar store has their Halloween stuff out. Went out and got some goodies. Nothing terribly new this year, at least not yet. My best finds ended up being at the thrift store.

Some frames for my headless photos project:

Some severed limbs that I found several tutorials on how to corpsify, and are just generally useful. Also grabbed a packaged 'cheating heart' to throw into the fridge ;)I grabbed all they had, so will have to go back for more...

One of my major finds was some old school baby dolls that I'm planning on zombifying. Also found one (not pictured) that is animated/crawls. My plan (at this point--we'll see how reality bites back at me) is to get her crawling, zombified, and either put her in a cage, trapped, or on a leash and struggling to get away. Has potential to be cool. Another find was some chair covers that (amazingly, miraculously) fit the back of the kitchen chairs, and look like tombstones!

Skulls were a must (the purple glittery one glows!) as well as some foam pumpkins, whose purpose is yet to be determined...other than to entertain Lou.

My two biggest splurges were both lighting toys. The first was a 'Dracula's Pub' light up sign that I've been wanting for awhile now.

The second was a 'haunted' candelabra which appeared to be new this year, and has a nice glow. I also liked the look of it--I've seen others that looked like the glitter fairy threw up on them, but this one was pleasantly free of anything hinting of sparkle.

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