Friday, September 28, 2012

Expanding Tongue

Finished one of the pieces connected to the Audrey II. I had been trying to figure out the best way to simulate the large tongue in the plant without resorting to art skills (that I don't have) or to fabric (that might have gotten wet and moldy). Then I had a brief flash of potential genius--expandable foam! Had noooo idea if it would work, but I'd seen enough Halloween sites extoling the virtues of expandable foam in their props, so I figured it was at least worth an attempt.

Pulled out two sheets of wax paper and sprayed them with pam. Took the foam and made a large triangle, trying to keep it as smooth as I could. Before it started drying, I slid the wax paper box under one end, towards the tip of the tongue, trying to get a bit of a wave.

Made sure that the back (towards the throat) was fairly thick so that I could potentially attach it with maybe some skewers shoved in the bottom.

Several hours later, it was hard enough to pick up. Held it up to the Audrey II form, and it's pretty close in terms of size. Now I just have to paint it and figure out the best way to attach it!

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