Monday, September 10, 2012

DIY Foam Skulls Prep

Found this last year, but was mildly intimidated by the foam. This year, I decided to at least try it. So I grabbed a couple of plastic skulls at the dollar store. Cut them in half and coated both halves with petroleum jelly so that the foam will come out.

Cut a hole to leave room for the foam to expand and spill out, then lined up the halves and taped them back up.

I ended up with three of these, partly because this is my first attempt, and partly due to the fact that it apparently takes anywhere from 3-7 days for the foam to entirely dry. And there are only 50 days left til Halloween. Thus...3 skulls should yield a relatively good number of skulls if I keep on top of finishing them. Will have to see how this goes. Bit late to spray them tonight--will attempt tomorrow morning.

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