Monday, September 10, 2012

DIY Foam Skulls--expandable foam

Decided to take the plunge and try out the first step in the foam skulls. Layered up with gloves and protective eye gear (though it was a relatively tidy process). Shook the can like a crazy person, and dove in.

The foam came out relatively easy. The main guesswork right now is how much foam is best to add to successfully fill out all the little cracks in the skull mold. The first one I just filled up/played with to get a feel for how quickly it came out, etc. The texture is very light and airy--almost like divinity. I now totally get the tip on the how to of the tapping like crazy once they're full. I guess I'll have to see how easily it fills in the details of the mold.

And finished all three skulls--the second one I experimented with not putting in quite as much--just to try and gauge what's the best amount of foam to fill the mold without wasting too much. Will check on them after work to see if there's any change, and potentially to wipe away any excess from the ventilation hole in the back of the skull.

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