Monday, September 17, 2012

Constructing Audrey IIs (small)

So the Audrey II construction went fairly easy. Pulled out the fangs and bent them. Fired up the glue gun, and first spread it over the edges of the bottom teeth, then pressed it into one of the halves of the painted Styrofoam ball, making sure that the teeth were lined up with the 'lip' of red painted on the ball.

Next, folded over the teeth, and spread some glue on the upper teeth edges.

Press the other half of the painted Styrofoam ball to the teeth, making sure to line up the lips again. Press together the sandwich hard with one hand, and with the other, take the glue gun and fill in with glue at the creases and places where the edges meet.

I ended up just holding these for awhile until I was sure the glue wasn't going to fly apart, but a rubber band would have probably worked as well. Once the glue had sufficiently hardened, I took one of the floral stems (wire wrapped with brown paper) and shoved it up through the bottom of the 'head'. I still have to put some leaves on them, but I was going to wait a bit until I had decided what type I'm going to use on the large Audrey II, then make the small ones to semi-match. Also need to see what will look the best from what is offered at the dollar store. But for now I have a wee bouquet of mini Audrey IIs.

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