Saturday, September 15, 2012

Audrey II (small)

Feeeeed meeee....

Couldn't help it.:) So the mini Audrey II s to put up around the porch (or maybe near the large one--not sure yet) was the project for today. Got some Styrofoam medium sized balls (2 1/2 inch diameter), some acrylic paint (2 greens, and a blood red), and some stiff 'stems' at Joann's.
First step was to cut them in half and clear off any bits of Styrofoam. Next I did a base coat of the darker green. I put on some spots of lighter green, and then took a sponge brush and mottled them together a bit so that I got a two-toned color.  Waited for those to dry, and then turned them over and painted the flat side red. Also painted a 'lip' around half the edge of the dome side.

Next step (after much drying) is to put them together. Though, I might add a tongue with a bit of black paint before that.

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