Sunday, October 2, 2011

Witch Kitchen

New display for Halloween (insert cackle here)! Got inspired by a couple of mantle displays that went the route of a witch's lair. I think growing up with a scientist skewed my vision of labs being only for the mad scientist, so I haven't really tried to do a witch's kitchen in any more than a half-hearted way. Anyway, put to use a couple of small display boxes/cabinets that were around the house not really doing anything, and the first draft looks like this:

The cauldron? Those water-retaining polymers. The ones I had on hand were semi-opaque so that you couldn't see the ice cube lights at the bottom. In the dark, they look awesome, but I think I'll try and get red polymers so that the color is brighter/deeper even with the lights on. The coolest part about the polymers? You can shove your hand into them and get that peeled grape feeling, adding to the creepy factor.

Going to work on the little curio cabinet on the left--planning on some various jars, possibly with some submersible lights, or back lighting for more impact and random items in the jar--will have to see what I can find at thrift town or the dollar store.

Also, put up the first part of the porch. Green lights criss-cross the ceiling, then the sides of the porch are swathed in at least three layers of spiderweb. Still have the ceiling to do, and a couple of nooks and crannies. The trellis is one of three that will go up to form a creepy tunnel, which will all be covered in web.

Have yet to put up the mummy...or the spiders...more to come on that later...

Oh, but the fake-o pumpkins are up! And the plant stand is the perfect height for them:

May have to change some of the bulb colors--better pictures to come later...

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