Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Mantle of Boo

Yay, the mantle is looking not quite so much like Martha Stewart threw up on it! Cleaned up the area a bit (the light strands were threatening to take over the room), and since I had rummaged through some of the Halloween boxes, I found some old Halloween necklaces that I had never gotten around to using. Cut a couple up and strung them from the hooks under the mantle, rehung the "Boo" sign, and then took a length of ribbon ($1 store's finest) and taped it all around the edge of the mantle. I like this effect much better than if I had done a mantle scarf/doily, which I had been thinking of using. I'm always afraid if one corner of it goes down, it'll bring everything else down with a crash. This way is much easier, cheaper, and much more easily changed if I find something else. Definitely going to try it again for Christmas.

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