Sunday, September 4, 2011

Halloween Pot

Yay! First Halloween project of the season! Getting excited for Halloween-only 56 days left and counting! *squee* Anyway, did this cute little project that came from my very own brain--or at least, a portion of it. So the pots I've been making? Got the idea of making orange ones that were very round, with lids with a green knot on top--aka, pumpkin pots! Then, went further and thought wouldn't it be clever if at the bottom of the pot, there was a jack-o-lantern face staring up at you? And so, behold!!

A wee pumpkin pot--still working on getting these more round than inverted hourglass shape, but that will come with time and more energy than I currently had when making this one. I was more eager to see if the whole idea would even work.

The face turned out pretty well, though a little painstaking to sew onto the bottom of the coil. I used black thread on top and orange on the bottom so there wouldn't be any thread showing on the bottom. I'm wondering if a sharpie would look drastically worse--it would be a lot easier...

The lid is really what pulls the whole thing off--without it, it's just an orange pot. First attempted a green lid, but that just looked silly, so wound up doing two of the elaborate knots from the book to create a 'stem', then once I had pulled it through the base of the lid, sewed a piece of the orange fabric over the ends to cover them up. Final result is that it looks pretty good--I'm still not happy about the shape, but I'm pleased enough with it to use it in decorating.

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