Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Spider Toys

So the plans for Halloween decorations are in full swing--the porch is slotted for a spider egg sack; which is similar to last year, but this year it's getting amped up quite a bit. Lots more spider web on the porch, going for a thicker kind of sack look--white garbage sacks may get involved for the more opaque look I'm going for. Also going up are several trellis' that have been randomly sitting in the garage for years with no particular purpose, all boxed up with nowhere to go. They will now serve as the (hopefully) creepy tunnel that leads into the egg sack. Also, there's the new spider toys! *squee* Oriental trading has provided the bulk of the spiders, but found an animated drop down big spider at Smith's, then found this huge guy about a week ago. He'll be arriving within the next week or two!

***UPDATE** He arrives tomorrow--gotta love FedEx:) (insert happy dance)

*****UPDATE** He's here, he's here, he's here!!!!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Halloween Pot

Yay! First Halloween project of the season! Getting excited for Halloween-only 56 days left and counting! *squee* Anyway, did this cute little project that came from my very own brain--or at least, a portion of it. So the pots I've been making? Got the idea of making orange ones that were very round, with lids with a green knot on top--aka, pumpkin pots! Then, went further and thought wouldn't it be clever if at the bottom of the pot, there was a jack-o-lantern face staring up at you? And so, behold!!