Saturday, October 15, 2011

Inflatable Spider

So the first official test of the inflatable spider was conducted. He was very easy to inflate and his movement is pretty frickin awesome. Drawbacks? A bit noisier than anticipated, but not overly annoying. Had originally thought to lay him on top of the spiderweb bedecked trellis, but there are structural issues. Instead, he'll go on the lawn and be guarded by tombstones. I'm just really hoping some little twerp doesn't get it into his head to pop him. The lights inside help to see his eyes and back, but I'm considering setting up a portable strobe light I have to make him a little more visible--at a low setting though, not so much that people would be in danger of seizures.

Picture isn't great, but he's on the lawn and the three glowy things are his eyes and back.

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