Thursday, September 30, 2010

Pumpkin Display #1

Here it is, the first pumpkin display of the season. These are all just the foam pumpkins I've done in the past. I'm intending to do a foam Nosferatu; I used the pattern on a real pumpkin last year and he turned out really cool. Used the string of lights that usually go outdoors (and have no colors as yet), but I'll use them inside for now. Need to order a few more lights and an extra adapter to cover all the indoor pumpkins. Everything is on a timer and looks pretty awesome.


Awesome!!! Zombie Pumpkins just came out with a pattern for Dexter!! Sooo going on my porch this year:)

String Up Mummy

This is a project I'm toying with--I found it in a Halloween magazine, but they wanted around $60 for it, and I think I already have much of what I would need. Here's a bit of a sketch. Scale is around semi life size.

Spooky Bucket

Found a fun little project the other day. You take a plain black bucket ($1 at Michaels) and a sheet or two of foam core (I picked up both white and yellow--if possible, get the kind with adhesive on the back--saves much time). Basically you just cut out a bunch of eye shapes (triangles, ovals, circles, tear drops) and glue/stick them on to the bucket. Then take a black magic marker and add in some eyes. Note--it's better to put the shapes on first and then draw on them--less smearage.

Fill with candy to complete

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Skeleton Apron

First Halloween project of the season! I've already started scoping out patterns and the most awesome site for patterns. I've been making lanyards for fall and Halloween and came across this little project:

It has definitely gotten me in the mood for Halloween...I suppose it's too early to start bringing in the bins of Halloween decorations?