Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Carving Night 2010

We had the annual carving night this year where we gather around and carve many a pumpkin. Here are this year's lovelies all lined up on the porch ready to go.


Did this one last week--a repeat of last year, but he turned out so cool, I felt he deserved to be redone on a foam pumpkin.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Poor Lou

The very cute Lou is anxious that I'm outside in the dark. It may be the gigantic mummy swinging right by me that has her pawing the window.

Pinhead Rises!

This isn't a new pattern from Zombie pumpkins, but it's one I've been itching to try for awhile now, partly because it looked fairly challenging. As it turned out, not as hard as I had anticipated, with the possible exception of the little nails surrounding the face. And he completes the window display for this year.

Spider Mummy Project

So, much of yesterday was spent working on the spider mummy project mentioned earlier (via sketch). I shall now unveil the secrets of constructing said mummy...

First acquire two tomato cages and duct tape them together to create an oblong shape. (I grabbed up some white duct tape just so that nothing dark would show through--this turned out to be a genius precaution).

Next, take one end of the shape and bend the prongs inward to create a kind of dome. This will be the head. Duct tape in the middle so it will hold the shape.

Now you need to construct your feet. You need legs that are stiff, otherwise they'll flop over--Always keep in mind that the mummy will be upside down. I harvested the cardboard roll off of some wrapping paper and used 1/4 of it for each 'leg'. I used two stiff metal cupcake taped together for the middle of the foot, but anything slightly stiff will do. I taped the cupcake holders to the cardboard roll to form the leg, ankle, and part of the foot.

I sacrificed a (long) pair of socks and stuffed the toes with some stuffing. I then eased the sock over my constructed half of a foot. I took a piece of tape to put over the open end of one of the ends of the cardboard roll (the 'ankle' end) so that the prongs wouldn't slip through. Repeat with other leg.

I then slipped the leg/cardboard roll over one of the prongs and taped it tight. Repeat with other leg.

The third prong I bent over to the other side so that it functioned as a large hook from which to hang the mummy. Duct tape it firmly.

For the body, I had obtained a plain white long sleeved shirt from the thrift store (~$2). Mine had some kind of softball emblem on it, so I had to take a white piece of fabric and sew over it. I also sewed the sleeves shut (while right side out) from the top of the shoulder to under the arms. Next, slip the shirt over the skeleton (while right side up). I had to baste the neck together a bit because otherwise it would have slipped right off.

I then stuffed the arms loosely (too much and it looks overly chubby). I crossed the arms and sewed the tops of the sleeves to the body to hold it. I also had to sew the bottoms of the sleeves (or around the elbows) to the body so that the arms wouldn't come up over the head--remember, gravity works. Obviously, the bottom of the shirt needs to be stretched and taped to the prongs so that it doesn't flip up as well.

For the head, I took a piece of white fabric, folded it over, and made a slightly rounded pillowcase roughly the size of the head. I turned it inside out and slipped it over the dome shape. Duct tape or sew to the collar of the shirt.

The next part requires much patience. I took one of those large spider web packages (the ones that are supposed to cover 400 sq ft) and rolled it out. I started first with the head and body, making sure to have the web thick over places that had less coverage and you could more easily see through. I did the legs separately because I wanted them to be distinctive, separate, and clearly visible as feet. As I was getting towards the bottom, I took a doubled up loop of string and tied it to the handle between the feet and made a loop so that I could string the mummy up.

Lastly, I slipped in some large fake spiders I had found at Michaels. I used them mostly in the front, but since I was placing it not in the corner, I made sure I put a large one in the back.

Took maybe three hours from start to finish, and turned out very cool. I put him up along with my spider sacs from previous years, and some spider web on the porch to complete the picture.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fall Decorations

Did some decorations for fall with a bag of fall leaf garlands. Check out the semi Martha Stewart vibe achieved.

Pumpkin Cupcakes

Found the idea for these cute little pumpkin cupcakes in the "Hello, Cupcake" book. Turned out to be very easy to do and much deliciousness. Visually, having the large and small cupcakes worked really well. Here's a picture of the process of each cupcake:

And the final product:

Thursday, October 14, 2010

2nd Carving: Owl

This new pattern was so cute--I put him on a mini-pumpkin and I also tried out those white colored pumpkins (foam). My only complaint with the white ones is that the tape didn't stick on them as well, so I had to practically border the pattern with tape to make sure it didn't slip while I was tracing the pattern. Turned out cute though

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I <3 Zombie Pumpkins! Ordered more of their lovely saral transfer paper (highly recommend it--saves much work in transferring patterns) and also got their carving knives...soooo nice--can't wait to start carving!!

Creepy Crawlies

Another project, not of my making, but very cool. Silhouettes of bugs and a few cracks make for a fairly nice display. Plus, I've bedecked the entire living room with green xmas lights, so the bugs are even creepier in the green glow.

Cockroach Soap

Yay for new projects (or rather, old but improved projects). Found this one on some craft site or other--melt glycerin soap (found at Michaels) in the microwave, stick a bug/cockroach/other disgusting thing in it and let set. Pry out of mold and voila, instant Halloween soap.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Display # 2

Changed out some of the lightbulbs for the pumpkins to add a little color. Much pleased with the results.

Retractable Fangs!

Oh. My. God. I should have known that these must exist somewhere, but I was genuinely shocked that these are available and out to the masses. And for some unknown reason, I'm unaccountably tickled and gleeful that they are. It makes me want to change my costume to be a vampire. These are so awesome.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Pumpkin Display #1

Here it is, the first pumpkin display of the season. These are all just the foam pumpkins I've done in the past. I'm intending to do a foam Nosferatu; I used the pattern on a real pumpkin last year and he turned out really cool. Used the string of lights that usually go outdoors (and have no colors as yet), but I'll use them inside for now. Need to order a few more lights and an extra adapter to cover all the indoor pumpkins. Everything is on a timer and looks pretty awesome.


Awesome!!! Zombie Pumpkins just came out with a pattern for Dexter!! Sooo going on my porch this year:)

String Up Mummy

This is a project I'm toying with--I found it in a Halloween magazine, but they wanted around $60 for it, and I think I already have much of what I would need. Here's a bit of a sketch. Scale is around semi life size.

Spooky Bucket

Found a fun little project the other day. You take a plain black bucket ($1 at Michaels) and a sheet or two of foam core (I picked up both white and yellow--if possible, get the kind with adhesive on the back--saves much time). Basically you just cut out a bunch of eye shapes (triangles, ovals, circles, tear drops) and glue/stick them on to the bucket. Then take a black magic marker and add in some eyes. Note--it's better to put the shapes on first and then draw on them--less smearage.

Fill with candy to complete

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Skeleton Apron

First Halloween project of the season! I've already started scoping out patterns and the most awesome site for patterns. I've been making lanyards for fall and Halloween and came across this little project:

It has definitely gotten me in the mood for Halloween...I suppose it's too early to start bringing in the bins of Halloween decorations?