Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I just remembered that I need to scrounge up a sizable bucket (several if I can manage it) to provide some rejuvenation for my real pumpkins. All the advice about petroleum jelly and the ever fresh stuff that you can spray on right after you carve can't hold a candle to a bucket full of water for reviving pumpkins. Whenever mine start to wilt, I jut soak it for a couple of hours in the bucket and they pop right back up. Obviously, there's an increased chance of mold, but really, a bucket can extend a carved pumpkin's life quite a bit. My record so far was a two week old carved pumpkin that finally started to give into mold and wear and tear. Another must is the cold. I once made the (rookie) mistake of keeping a carved pumpkin indoors. When the thermostat was set on heat. = exploded pumpkin bits all over the kitchen table. Yeah, that was a fun smell to clean up. Plus, if I'm going to be doing lots of pumpkins, I'll need lots of buckets out back. I was planning on hitting the dollar store tomorrow, maybe I'll check out their garbage cans and see what I can find.

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