Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Neon Bracelets

Happy accidental discovery! Had bought some of those florescent bracelets to hand out to the trick-or-treaters--they were a huge hit last year--and was dinking around with them and popped one into the luminaries--Ping! Idea formed. I tested the bracelets (linked into a circle) in a small pumpkin--puts out a sufficient amount of light. And two really glows. I'm always looking for different light sources, partly because of storage issues, mostly because I live in dread of my pumpkin lights getting stolen. I usually end up putting your basic fifty cent flameless votive in the real pumpkins, which is fine, but it definitely limits your options in colors. One year I found a multi-colored votive, but those are fairly scarce (or at least expensive). I know it isn't quite as eco-friendly as reusing lights each year, but if I could just use these bracelets, maybe a couple in each pumpkin, it would open up my options in colors for each pumpkin. Definitely something to consider. Plus, Michaels is having them on sale for $1. Perhaps I'll make a stop there as well as at the dollar store. Anyway, here's a pic of two yellow bracelets in a luminary--looks pretty good, and the brightness is just right.

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