Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Luminary Experiment

So I've experimented with doing luminaries this past year--copied over some hindu writing on some white paper bags that turned out great for a Bollywood night. I thought I would try doing a bunch of these luminaries just using pumpkin patterns and line them up on the back porch near the firepit for some cheap decoration. I'm going to check out getting slightly larger ones--the more intricate patterns don't stand out all that well and the patterns are harder to draw/copy when they're so small. On the other hand, a larger bag might dilute some of the light. Mom found some "Flora Lyte Submersibles" at her junk store--basically they're purple mini lights that can go underwater (very cool for cauldrons)...or in luminaries. Here's a couple of luminaries that I'm testing out to see if it's a feasible project--the more intricate 'trick or treat' doesn't show up quite as well from a distance as the jack, though the purple lights are quite a bit brighter than my flameless tea candles from the dollar store.

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