Friday, October 9, 2009

Gutting Away

How rare is it that a product actually holds up to what it promises? I am over the moon about the pumpkin gutter!!! Soooo excellent. I deliberately bought a large pumpkin to get some practice with the drill, and partly to put it through the paces. Normally this size of a pumpkin would have taken me a good hour to do all the prep work--gutting, and thinning the walls, plus I would have been covered arm to front in pumpkin goo and my nails would have been sore from having pumpkin driven under them. 15 FREAKING MINUTES!!! and this pumpkin was totally ready to be carved, and my hands were mostly goo free and my clothes were totally clean. The only thing I ended up having to do was to scrape at the very bottom some of the innards that the angle of the gutter couldn't quite reach. Definitely helps to have the pumpkin on the ground--and letting gravity help. Thinning the walls was absolutely no problem--seriously fast and easy. I meant to take pictures, but honestly it went so fast that the pumpkin was all done and prepped before I thought to pull out my camera. Well, this definitely opens up the possibility of more pumpkins. My family has offered to be 'gutter monkeys' so that I can focus on the carving, which would be wonderful. Now I just have to pick my patterns....

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