Monday, October 12, 2009

All Lit Up

Wired some of my precarved pumpkins and some lights up on the patio last night. I picked up some cheap orange ones--I wanted a bit more light than I did last year with my green glowing hanging spider sacs last year. I was barely able to really see anything or any of the cute costumes that the kids had. These orange ones are nice and subtle, not too bright so that they don't overpower the pumpkins. Also hooked up my rainbow lights with their adapters to the pumpkins and set everything on a timer--it's just not worth it to have to daily turn all the pumpkins on everyday. I ordered some more adapters--they just eat up the batteries otherwise, plus it's nice to just have everything preset. I found a potential new light as well--a row of corded night light lights--where you can just put the pumpkins over the light and again have everything set on a timer. I'm a huge fan of timers. Here's the initial result--still much to be done. Pic turned out a bit blurry, but there you go.

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